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  1. Computer Science topics such as Algorithms, data structures
  2. Programming languages like Python, Java
  3. Web technology related ones like PHP, Javascript
  4. Big Data , Machine Learning and Data Science
  5. Special topics Git, Devops and  Android

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CourseHunt is a smart search engine for courses giving detailed reviews and ratings, on the topics covered and the effectiveness of the sessions. The content on CouseHunt is curated by an expert team. We also have a community assisted Knowledge base of informational content that is organized and searchable. We are more than just courses providers, we are a community of students, professionals, teachers, mentors and even recruiters. List of moderators on our community

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The courses are searchable by keywords. For instance – Algorithm , Hadoop


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For someone like you, working as an engineer in a top company or a student, recently out of college. You like to improve your skills by learning new technologies that are in real demand in job market. Searching online is the first step, but much of the content available is either irrelevant or purely promotional. Are you interested in finding the best courses available online that can help you advance your career.

Then, say hello to CourseHunt. Using CouseHunt, you can discover the best online courses in technology. Our industry relevant courses include topics like bigdata, hadoop, android and web-technology. Each course work is curated, commented and upvoted by experts. So now, you can be assured that you get the best learning experience, sitting from the comfort of your home. Join CourseHunt and discover the best online courses for free, today!