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GATE Computer Science preparation by Kiran (Gatebook)

GATE preparation tips from Kiran (Gatebook). Here is the audio recording. The topics discussed were books to follow, time management, study techniques, self preparation vs coaching, preparing along with full time job Webinar by Kiran on GATE preparation Other Webinars … Continue reading

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C Programming – introduction to arrays and pointers

C is a general-purpose programming language with application ranging from creating Operating Systems to Game programming.  Arrays are closely related to pointers in C programming  

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GATE Comptuer Science

GATE is a common entrance exam for  M.E/M.Tech programs in   IISc/ IITs.  We have a discussion forum on facebook with more than 170,000 members.  Useful for CS Students and Professionals who like to enrich their foundations in computer science. Link … Continue reading

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GATE CSE Contributors

Guest Post by Arjun Suresh , co-founder of  GATE Overflow . This was written in 2015, so may not include the recent contributors Some history of  GATECSE FB Group I joined GATECSE FB Group in 2013 and there were many good people like Bikram … Continue reading

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Computer Science – Webinars by Kiran

Kiran (Gatebook) – on Discrete mathematics (Propositional Logic) We had 160 participants online and 800 views on recording

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Beginning GATE Computer Science Preparation

  ORDER OF COVERING TOPICS ALGORITHMS — a common problem in many textbook presentations is where the algos are practically used  (looks theoretical) — suggest students to start with algorithms used in databases ( many practical applications ) — start … Continue reading

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