Cormen’s Introduction to Algorithms

Data structures and Algorithms – Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman

The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms – Aho, Hopcroft, Ullman

Algorithms – A creative approach – Udi Manber

Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs – Wirth

Programming Pearls – Bentley

Programming Interviews Exposed

How to solve it by computer – Dromey

Gries – Science of computer programming

Discrete Math

Elements of discrete structures – C.L.Liu

Discrete Mathematics – Rosen

Probability by Feller

Combinatorics by Tucker

Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation – M.Sipser

Computers and Intractability – Garey and Johnson


Computer Architecture – A quantitative approach – Hennessy and Patterson

Computer Architecture Organization – Hayes

Computer Organization by V Carl Hamacher Zvonko Vransic Safwat Zakay

Computer Systems – A programmers Perspective – by Byrant

Operating Systems

Operating System – Gary Nutt

Database System

Database system implementation – Garcia Molina


Networking – Larie L Peterson , Bruce Davie


Dragon book – Aho Ullman Sethi

Engineering a Compiler – Cooper


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