GATE Computer Science preparation by Kiran (Gatebook)

GATE preparation tips from Kiran (Gatebook). Here is the audio recording. The topics discussed were books to follow, time management, study techniques, self preparation vs coaching, preparing along with full time job

Webinar by Kiran on GATE preparation

Other Webinars
Available at
 Preparation tips and Plan for GATE 2018
When to start preparation
Preparation plan for next year
What text books I should follow
What are available online resources
What if I leave some subjects(Aptitude, CO, compilers,..)
Is coaching needed?
Best online coaching?
How to keep up the motivation
Last month preparation strategy
How to prepare effectively
How to manage time during exam/preparation
How to avoid silly mistakes during exam
Can we avoid reading standard text books?
How manage preparation along with courses
Preparation along with Job
Should I take up the offer I have and continue preparation
How to manage time along with job
I am not getting enough time to practice
Opportunities outside of GATE
Other opportunities
PSU information
How to prepare for BARC, ISRO?
  I am week in programming, will it impact my admission into IITs?

Kiran Kumar Pasupuleti
10 years of experience in training GATE students in all over India
Co founder of the GateBook

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