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Big Data Ecosystem

Tools in the big data ecosystem. Summarized from Quora MapReduce is the Google paper that started it all (Map Reduce Paper). It’s a paradigm for writing distributed code inspired by some elements of functional programming. The Google internal implementation is … Continue reading

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GATE Computer Science preparation by Kiran (Gatebook)

GATE preparation tips from Kiran (Gatebook). Here is the audio recording. The topics discussed were books to follow, time management, study techniques, self preparation vs coaching, preparing along with full time job Webinar by Kiran on GATE preparation Other Webinars … Continue reading

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Talk by Balaji Viswanathan , Quora top writer and VP of Invento

Balaji is well known in Quora. He is VP of Invento Technologies. He is one of the founding members of our group and also created a popular chrome extension Limitless “When I don’t dream of work or family, I … Continue reading

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Introduction to Python, Use cases and Career Opportunities

Learn Python and you don’t have to worry about finding a job. Python is used right from scripting to constructing large websites. There is awesome support for machine learning and data science in form of libraries like numpy, scikit-learn, pandas … Continue reading

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C Programming – introduction to arrays and pointers

C is a general-purpose programming language with application ranging from creating Operating Systems to Game programming.  Arrays are closely related to pointers in C programming  

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