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Graphics Programming

OpenGLES – Graphics Programming in Android from Arvind Devaraj OpenGL — Graphics Programming At highlevel, the graphics pipeline works as follows 1) Geometry of the 3D Model is described . 2) The geometry is divided into triangles. Transformations are applied to the … Continue reading

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Understanding concepts in Computer Science

1. Start with a small project and learn the necessary materials. Think of how you would have approached a particular problem before looking at the existing solutions. 2. Take a concrete product and get an understanding of the high level … Continue reading

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Data Mining

ML algorithms are an evolution over normal algorithms. They make your programs “smarter”, by allowing them to automatically learn from the data you provide. The top 10 algorithms used in data mining . This paper presents the top 10 data … Continue reading

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Essential Math for Programmers

Vectors and Matrices are important especially in fields like Machine Learning , Data Science , Image Processing, Computer Graphics Probability Mathematical Induction This principle is simple. Look at falling dominoes here The inductive step is important. If some statement … Continue reading

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Evergreen Careers in IT

IT is a rapidly changing field that requires learning every day. Of course, you are ready to learn, but finding the right technologies to learn can be challenging. There are so many passing fads in technology, that it is necessary … Continue reading

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Database systems

Notes SQL Normalization Normalization Normalization of a database helps in modifying the design at later times and helps in being prepared if a change is required in the database design. 1nd Normal Form or 1NF: Each Column Type … Continue reading

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Computer Science

This post is for a guide for understanding Core Computer Science topics The best way to master Computer Science is to read few good books on the topic.  Programmers Don’t Read Books — But You Should  These are some of the … Continue reading

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